In the summer of 2013, pidalia CEO Justin Brodeur had to go to the RMV. While the Massachusetts RMV has fantastic online services, residents of the Commonwealth can't perform all of the actions that they need to. Unfortunately for Justin, he had to visit the New Bedford RMV.

With laptop and wifi device in hand, Justin was prepared to spend that fateful Monday morning working and waiting at the RMV. There was a problem – the RMV was so full there wasn't even a place for Justin to sit. Frustrated, Justin left the RMV and returned to his office.

Instead of dwelling on the downside of the morning, Justin programmed a script that pinged the RMV to see if the wait times dropped below 20 minutes. Later that afternoon, the magical words "GO TO THE RMV" blinked across Justin's MacBook screen.

The pidalia team talked about Justin's experience and decided to build a web app from his little script. MassRMVWaitTime.com is the result of pidalia's passion for solving problems.